Natures Design's revisited today and everyday....Billions of years of proven and valued evolution. Gifting us the true benefits of restructured water and natural evolution in our life that it was designed to share. 

Nature's Design's are here in today's world awaiting your interaction with them. Awaiting you to request the intention that you choose to receive from them.


In nature, water on it's journey in a mountain stream twists and turns over rocks, always returning to circular or orbital motion. Constantly regaining it's power and vitality to reinvigorate us and nature.

In today’s world we force water through straight pipes with hard bends after thrashing it through a centrifugal pump; leaving it lifeless. Then we add chemicals to make our water safe to drink.

Then we choose to store our drinking water in clear plastic bottles, to be destroyed even further by sunlight and heat. A journey destroyed before commenced.

Nature knows best from billions of years of evolution.



 "Natural flowing streams create a vortex motion and through that create implosive forces. By reversing upon itself endlessly water repeats the revitalisation, restructuring or energising that refreshes naturally and repeatedly within metres"


Vortex Motion (or Implosion) will always have great natural power.

Just hold your hand over the bath tub outlet for a few seconds to remind yourself... no power or pump required.

 Outward to Inward Motion -  is Implosion.  Amazing power and silent; until you put your finger down the plug hole and try to stall it.... 


Luckily there are some who have followed the "Comprehend and Copy Nature" philosophy of Viktor Schauberger. People that have read, researched and followed his dream.

We have chosen some products that have emanated from Viktor's theories. 

World Living Water Systems Ltd have developed the Vortex Water Revitalizer range. Inspired by Viktor Schauberger and others that pursued his visionary research in water restructure.


 The Centre for Implosion Research in Plymouth UK have developed the Vortex Water Energiser with thousands sold globally. 





Living Water Flowforms of Australia take us back centuries to when drinking water was revered and Master Craftsmen individually create each of the Amphora Magnum for water and Amphora Magnum for wine range. 14 litres of water woven to silk like structure by natures innate interaction with silica ceramic and sacred geometry. Phil Sedgman craftsman.


Amphora Magnum 14 for Water or Wine

Water Amphora Magnum 14 litre


These vortex water products simply allow water the freedom to be as it was designed by nature. Allowing water to play the role in our lives nature designed it for. These water enhancement products for restructuring of water are available in New Zealand, Australia and globally in conjunction with Vortex Water NZ. 

Implosion Technology and Nature's proven design will regain it's place again with our support and faith!  Go Viktor Schauberger.

We in the Southern Hemisphere join with Australia and our neighbours in a Unity Consciousness state to rebuild the framework of our Portals, Planetary Grids, Vortex Points and Humanity via Revitalized and restructured water. With pure intention. Joining with Argentina, Chile, Peru, South Africa...and all that choose to join with us.



Vortex Water Enhancement - Nature's Designs Revisited Today

Comprehend and Copy Nature