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Lovingly Restoring Hexagonal Vortex Structure to Liquid Crystalline Water

Some Responses to our clients.... in many countries...

Dear L.

Lovely to read of your understanding, respect and dedication.  We love all natural and no synthetic because of their more natural energy fields and resonance. All our buildings are eco-friendly and we are progressively replacing plastic and synthetic items of all kinds with all metal, wood, stone, wool, cotton, hemp materials. We honour your patience and believe that you will, like us, "find natural solutions for your many desires that are harmony with mother nature”.

We only sell products that work with nature’s harmony and it is always lovely to work with those, like yourselves, who are "honoured to assist in getting it into the awareness of those who can also appreciate”. 

We look forward to the emerging new consciousness the money is a system of control, not needed once we step out of fear and competition, into such spiritual practices, such as Ubuntu; and as we help put co-operation and harmony in place we minimise our and our customers prices, as do you. 

All our products of Nature’s Design, Water Energisers, Harmonisers and Revitalisers are manufactured by caring people happy to make a simple living, without profits, to get this to as many as possible. Their focus on design and limiting their manufacturing costs means that these beautiful people only have a little time to share their products and even less to share their “science”.

The world needs us as distributors and we need each other to share the understanding. With your understanding you could deal direct with them. Would you like us to give you their contact details? We would be happy too, however we do not want to keep seeing distributors around the world doing it alone. We have helped others setup and then not heard from them again, which suggests to us, that they may be doing it alone, rather being part of a network, team and group. This is the only way we know we will break free of the competition, fear and money that we mention. 

All of the products keep working for decades and possibly centuries without needing replacement filters, parts or other recurring costs. Considering we would all make more on unemployment benefits than we do on 60 - 100 hour working weeks, costs of products are assuredly as low as they can be. 

As Harmonising Energies we look forward to cost recovery so that we can economically make a living from what we sell and manufacture spirals with southern hemisphere spins even though they have these too at the etheric level. 

We work very much with intuition and heart. 

What information/products on your website would you like us to link to? 

What area of the USA do you reach out to? 

How do you feel we might support each other?   



From India... Dear Sir ,

I had a chance to go through your web page.Here I see 43 L Water Egg  or  Amphora , also the bovis scale graph.

I am a normal person and ttying to know little bit about water.

The great water wizard Mr.Viktor Schauberger of Austira has  shown many hidden secerets to  the world.The work Mr. Callum Coat speaks volume about his work in his books.These books I am having for the last ten years as a scared literature on water and its energies.

I have no where found Bovis Scale so far.Can you guide me about.Is there any meter to measure it like pH tester , ORP teste etc.

Dear Dewan 

BOVIS was invented by a person of that name, as a measure of the life force value of plants, animals and water. It is measured by kinesiological muscle testing or use of a pendulum at this stage and is proportional to BRIX, which means, it too has a higher value the more bio-photons are emitted by the substance. These are UV in the case of BRIX and Far Infra-Red is also present.  The radiant emission of bio-photons increases as the presence of life force energy increases as photographed now by many means, including GDV. This emission appears to be related to increased magnetic field energy in the ultra-low frequencies used for information storage and transfer by water, life and universe and probably also to scalar energy, which is included in the measurement of energy. ORP would appear to be proportionally related. At a certain threshold when a system, mineral, plant or animal has enough energy to its spin accelerates and changes direction. Man-made synthetics have low spin rates, in the “negative” direction that do not support life as fully or vigorously.  Regards David

Any Personal Harmoniser Pendant draped over your 5 litre fermentation chamber would increase the energy and living structure of your Kombucha.  As a starting point a simple copper PHI Harmoniser at $65 will set up a resonance with foods and waters out to about 2m away, depending how energised they already are.

NaturesDesign.nz and UnityConscious.org offer all products inclusive of shipping to any country world-wide and for New Zealanders: GST

How much energy you want to add is up to you and you might like more than two spirals or a silver Triskelion for feminine vortex energy flows and a gold Triskelion for masculine vortex energy flows as well. We have one of each on each side of our Water Egg with a spherical quartz necklace as pictured below. 

The Triskelion with 3 spirals is uniquely positioned with ancient Celtic history of use in energising and healing water and those plants, animals and people who drink it. 

For the Benefits and Care of different shapes and metals download pdf here.



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