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David Baillie - Passions - Sacred Geometry

My passion is to see customers provided with newsletters and all the technical information they need. I love to answer questions and explain how sacred-geometry products increase health and energy, conscious awareness and happiness.  Each of our customers receives newsletters and living sacred geometry courses.***

Golden PHI ratio spiral and Fibbonacci numbers

Spin Cleanses and Gives Water Vortex Structure

My passions are implosion, love as the creative energy, and the natural, living geometries of nature. Implosion is the inward seeking feminine spiral of energies that sustain, nurture and support the outward seeking and not generally so socially focused masculine.

Implosion in water increases magnetic energy, spin, pH, hydrogen and oxygen content, ORP detox ability and the amount of light in the water (mostly blue bio-photons). Spin may or may not be sufficient to transmute toxins in the high energy at centre. It at least gives them the natural direction of spin and the body no longer absorbs them.  They are then secreted from the body untouched. Only spin and the vortex structure it creates can do this in the healthiest way possible.

Vortex water structure gives water the ability to buffer acidity and produces more alkalinity throughout the body. This "living water" increases energy levels via mitochondria, enhances DNA expression keeping it healthy, and creates all-round health and longevity.

Spirals - the first form of Sacred Geometry

All energies move in spirals and nature loves the golden-ratio. Male and female spirallic energies combine together in resonant harmony becoming the vortex, torus (donut), sphere and egg.  (See footnote images). Energy is magnetic and electrical, sound and light. It is electromagnetic information held within structure.

EMF Space Harmonisers

Spirals dance together as waves of music creating patterns on their dance floor, that is the surface of their sphere. Patterns they create are the five platonic solids witnessed in water crystals, cymatics, cymaglyphs, flowers, water, weather patterns and more.

Revitalised vortex water holds information and memory within these shapes. PHI the golden-ratio (pictured above right) defines shapes of natural, living forms. It is PHI that initiates the dance of the spiral that creates the torus.

Shape is Nature. Shape is Energy and Information with which she teaches us, feeds and enlivens us.

Living Sacred Geometry

Living Sacred Geometry Courses by David Baillie

Now we can apply principles of geometry to modern techanologies that enhance health, conscious and energy. Our Free customer Living Sacred Geometry Courses*** teaches this and reconnects each customer to nature. It encourages healthy lifestyle, inner experience and spiritual journey. All ourroducts are 100% natural in resonance and complete harmony with nature.

In Harmony Forest I learn the energies of these geometries, as did Viktor Schauberger. I am blessed living in nature for nature and being able to pass it on to others. 

Sacred Geometry in Action

Copper Vortex Water Energiser Coil

Products that bring air, food and water into harmony with highest vibrations (frequencies) are healing for all of us. Water-filled pendants strengthen personal energy fields making happier, healthier clients, protected from toxins, pollution, EMF, WiFi, AC electricity, and mobile phones. Each product carries the energies of nature missing in cars, buildings, many foods and modern lifestyles. The return of natural energies brings health with them.

This also gives us increased abilities to increasingly changing energies coming form the planet and air around us and as cosmic energies from sun and galaxy.

With our products on your person and in your home, pack and workplace you will be on a course of health and self-improvement**  

Alladin Golden-Ratio Carafe for water, 13 litre with flower of life by Natures Design

Favourite geometric forms glowing with the PHI ratio include the Golden Alladin Carafe with the Flower of Life pictured here within the rocks and lichens of Harmony Forest.

The Golden Spiral of the Vortex Water Energisers, Water Revitalisers and Harmoniser Pendants and EMF Space Harmonisers in the menu here.

Improving environment, air, water and food gives me the opportunity to teach sacred geometry!


* some taps include food grade plastic.

** As I practitioner I know this can be disconcerting so we check that each product is in the best interests of all involved before supplying and provide a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not comfortable with your fears and want to stop. Hard as it may be to believe our water is way more conscious than most and the frequencies of it and the geometries of our products invite those that work with them to see and let go of their fears, to let in more love.

Free Living Sacred Geometry ECourses and Consultations by David Baillie

***To enrol in personal growth and health improvement purchase and experience any product at and We invite all customers to receive free newsletters and sacred geometry courses by reply email. Explore more with me at and

Our products and service love to provide subtle support, energy, health and wellbeing.



Picture of David Baillie, Sacred Geometer, Naturopath, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Twin spirals of a vortex in water give the vortex a rope like structure
Some of the many forms of the torus
Cymascope picture of flower of life structure in a drop of water to whcih music (frequency) is played by John Stuart Reid