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My passion is to see customers provided with the personal and technical information they need. I love to answer questions and explain how sacred-geometry products increase health and energy, conscious awareness and happiness.

PHI Spin Cleanses and Gives Water Vortex Structure

My passions are implosion, love as the creative energy, and the natural, living geometries of nature. Implosion is the inward seeking feminine spiral of energies that sustain, nurture and support the outward spreading masculine energies.

Implosion in water increases magnetic energy, spin, hydrogen and oxygen anti-oxidant content, ORP detox ability and the amount of light in the water (bio-photons).

Spin in the natural direction can mean toxins are secreted, no longer absorbed by the body. Sufficient implosion spin can even transmute toxins into chemistry useful to the body. Only spin and the vortex structure it creates can do this, and they do so in the healthiest way possible.

Vortex water structure gives water the ability to buffer acidity and to become more alkaline whenever needed in the body. Full-spectrum living water increases energy levels via mitochondria, and enhances DNA expression keeping us healthy, and creating all-round health and longevity.

Spirals - the first form of Sacred Geometry

All energies move in spirals and nature loves the golden PHI ratio. Male and female spirallic energies combine together in resonant harmony becoming the vortex, torus (donut), sphere and egg.  (See illustrations below). Energy is magnetic and electrical, sound and light.Water's memory is electromagnetic information held within transient liquid crystalline structure.

EMF Space Harmonisers

Spirals dance together as waves of music creating patterns on their dance floor, that is the surface of their sphere. Patterns they create are the hexagon we see as Masaru Emoto's legacy and in platonic solids witnessed in water crystals, the cymatics of Hans Jenny, cymaglyphs by John Stuart-Reid, flowers, water, weather patterns and more.

Revitalised vortex water holds information and memory within its shapes. PHI the golden-ratio (pictured above right) defines shapes of natural, living forms. It is PHI that initiates the dance of the spiral that creates the torus.

Shape is Nature. Shape is Energy and Information with which she teaches us, feeds and enlivens us.

Living Sacred Geometry

Living Sacred Geometry Courses by David Baillie

We apply principles of geometry to modern technologies that enhance health, conscious and product energy in full resonance and harmony with nature.

Each Carafe, food bowl, wine and drinking glass is a musical bio-resonant glass 40% of which is recycled. Drink bottles have wooden or compostable bio-plastic flip-tops. Pure Earth Ceramic Water Eggs include food-grade plastic in taps. 5 and 10 litre Carafes have silicone in their taps. All in resonance and complete harmony with nature.

It is within Harmony Forest that I learn the energies of these geometries, as did Viktor Schauberger. I am blessed living in nature for nature and being able to pass it on to others. 

Sacred Geometry in Action

Copper Vortex Water Energiser Coil

Products that bring air, food and water into harmony with highest vibrations (frequencies) are healing for all of us.

Pendants filled with exceptional quality water strengthen personal energy fields making happier, healthier clients, protected from toxins, pollution, EMF, WiFi, AC electricity, mobile phones and smart meters that are also turned off and kept as distant as possible.

Every spiral, carafe and water egg carries the energies of nature that is missing in cars, buildings, many foods and modern lifestyles.

The return of natural energies brings health with them making it easier and easier to go through consciousness changes assisted by the more and more powerful energies coming from the planet and air around us and as cosmic energies from sun and galaxy.

With our products on you and in your home, pack and workplace you will be on a course of health and self-improvement.  

As I Naturopath I know it can be disconcerting to not get the health improvements clients so before shipping we check that each order is in the best interests of all involved and give a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not comfortable letting go of old habits that no longer serve you (if that happens) and want to stop.

As science is coming to believe water can be considered conscious and its frequencies and geometries invite those who work with them to live lives of greater love, compassion, appreciation, energy, health and insight.

Alladin Golden-Ratio Carafe for water, 13 litre with flower of life by Natures Design

Favourite geometric forms glowing with the PHI ratio include the Golden Alladin Carafe with the Flower of Life pictured here within the rocks and lichens of Harmony Forest.

Treasure your opportunity to own the Golden Spiral of the Vortex Water Energisers, Water Revitalisers and Harmoniser PendantsEMF Space Harmonisers and Water Egg.

Improving environment, air, water and food gives me the opportunity to teach sacred geometry!

Our products and service love to provide subtle support, energy, health and wellbeing.

Discussing the use of vortex energies to increase the smooth abundant tasting energy zest of milk, eggs and plants with need for less water in even dry conditions, increased microbial life, greater BRIX nutrient content, spray free pest management and happier, healthier farm or garden with greater nutrient uptake by animals and plants and less fertiliser need - 

Peter volunteers at a great Organic Viticulture place where he keeps a garden exploring increased growth rates with Paramagnetic Rocks, ORMUS and Organics and you can see this in our "Organic Viticulture" menu top left.

David and his team practice permaculture and forest gardening beyond organic within the native Harmony Forest environment that provides high-natural energy to Harmonising Energies Head office and Dunedin warehouse so you get this energy too in our energised and harmonised products and when you contact us for all the help you need.

Thankyou for contact and for looking after the energies and water of GAIA Earth.




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