GAIA Elemental Gifts

Alive Spinning Water, Full Sea Salt, Shungite and Ormus

Water not Water

Water is our greatest source of Energy.

Energy is Spin.

It takes energy to relate. Healthy spin shows itself as healthy relationship in the structures of nature and society.

Mitochondrial Energy

It is Vortex Structured Water holding micro-spinning, clustered sub-populations of water molecule communities that powers mitochondria to make ALL energy (ATP) in plants and animals and it is structure that gives shape, form, structure and function to our DNA, proteins and EVERY part of and chemical in the body.

Its the spin (seen top right) that gives water the energy to partner with minerals so that together they can have even more spin. Spin is energy and minerals in structured water are known to be much more available to the body. They and the water they are in radiate more light when they attain he required spin energy level. They do this together. Water molecules change their relationships and do it together.


Why do we filter the minerals out of water devitalising it removing spin and crystalline structure?

  • Holding it still in tanks
  • Squeezing out spin forcing it through right angles in straight lines that put on pressure and squeeze it through the too tiny pores of reverse osmosis 
  • Add toxic chemicals that absorb spin
  • Take out spin by boiling and distilling
  • Get in the way of spin adding chemicals that spin the reverse way
  • Wobble, distort and weaken spin with interference from radio, phone and electric 
  • Believe water is just water rather than LOVING ITS STRUCTURE, MEMORY AND PASSION FOR LIFE.

High Energy Health

Made of star-water from the space and GAIA Earth we are walking skin bags of sea-water primed and working at peak efficiency by having more (hopefully) than 97 elements in us. Table salt has two. Two that are all out of proportion. Two that throw 95+ out of wack. 

Heavy metals and toxic elements added to our skies, air, water and food further mess up water and thus our health, our ability to think, remember, have fun, enjoy, achieve, relax and sleep.

Are we missing almost all key elements to living on GAIA Earth in full consciousness, happy and with energy are missing?

Shungite Spin Energy

Shungite, our C60 elemental gift to you has spin to give, billions of rotations per second, enough to give you and everything in and around you HEALTHY SPIN. 

Shungite adds spin to toxins so fast that they break apart and become harmless, AND turn the spin of man-made wired and WiFi (wire free) electrical and magnetic energies back to the natural direction of spin, the direction GAIA Earth spins.

Everything in nature spins in resonant harmony in same direction as the planet it lives on. Everything natural spins that way, its healthy, natural and organic.

We strongly suggest you play with our Shungite packages so that you have great spin.Shungite gives natural energy at levels that truly lift out of  fatigue, brain-fog, anxiety-depression and insomnia. Though as Peter too, would say that requires us also getting to know ourselves releasing old habits.

Shungite truly brings us all alive, like the Harmoniser Spiral pendants filled with charged , structured SPNNING water in them do.

And it is all 97+ element Celtic Salt of the Earth (TM) guided only by clay channels, touched only by wood paddles, and dried only by wind and sun that must replace fluoridated table salt to wake up, decalcify pineal, and truly know vibrant, fully embodied happy health.*

Combine Celtic Salt of the Earth with a kilogram of best energy Halite Salt* in our Cadus Salt Brine Maker with Golden PHI proportion to truly put the spin on your electrolytes.  Learn more.

Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Obsidian and Shungite Polished Spheres are placed on  PHI Phoenix Water Maker and 1.3L PHI Alladin Carafe added further structure to water and give positive EMF protection. 

There's a Gemstone Cadus too with Amethyst, Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz held in a space in its base. Or there's Cadus with the Flower of Life that the Phoenix and Alladin Carafes have.

And Peter may add the wonders of custom made enORMIC Elements :-)

Elemental Gifts

Phone and WiFi off when not in use 

Organic High Energy Loved Food and Water

Forest Bathing, Connection to Earth and Elementals

Beach Walking, Earthing, Foot and Epsom Salt Baths, Smiles and Social eye contact

Spiritual Practice, HU, Qi Gong, Feng Shui, Tai Chi, love, Service to Others  ...

* Dried salts should be reconstituted as brine with structured water before use. Clear Halite Salt as offered by NaturesDesign with its Cadus Salt Brine Maker is reknowned for having higher energy than Pink Himalayan Salt that's pink from metallic iron, which can itself be unhealthy. 

Best salt keeps water with it to be alive. Best is Coarse Celtic salt packed a little damp, harvested direct  from the sea, dried by the sun, and not kept dry in the earth away from water for millennia. Second is Fine Ground Celtic Salt sun-dried at biological temperatures to retain life energy. Third is Halite Himalayan Salt. Best Himalayan are from positive vortex energy centres within GAIA Earth. 

Bio-energy from the Vortex builds up in the salt over the millennia and these salts are often the best for enOrmic Elemental ORMUS.  Sea salt naturally has ORMIC content.

All elements including salt and Shungite, ORMUS and high energy organic plant foods are best researched for the energy of where they come from, the loving joy and gratitude they are harvested with and the energies they receive during mining, harvesting, transportation and storage.  Its care given to our High Energy FoodsNaturesDesign glassware, Energisers, Harmonisers and Revitalisers at Harmony.

GAIA's elements and water together absorb energies of their environment. It is best to have high energy healthy spin frequencies in all that we put into our bodies, wear and surround ourselves with. Shungite gives the protection. :-)

Love,  David and Peter

Unity Consciousness across NZ, Australia, Southern Hemisphere and Globally.


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