Vortex Water Enhancement - Nature's Designs Revisited Today

Comprehend and Copy Nature

Weed Spray free Viticulture in Action, Marlborough. Organic grape growing with holistic practices enhancing vineyard bioenergetic production capabilities.

Standard practice in Marlborough New Zealand grape growing and viticulture is "under vine weed spraying". Not a great idea from the perspective of those of us who enjoy wine but do not appreciate chemicals included in the growth process. Let alone the long term effect to soil health and our underground water supply. 

This page is to highlight practical organic vineyard management alternatives that can and do work. Adding new bioenergetic resonance dimensions to the optimum health of vines and the grapes produced using organic and holistic principles.

Incorporating valued nutrient crops between vines that assist bees and other supporting insects through their difficult times; when vines have nothing to offer as a feed source or protective cover.  

As the grapevines start producing a habitat that can support our friendly insect team; then the cooperating crop can be mulched and placed under the grapevine. Now supplying new holistic energy support to that organic growth cycle. 

Much of the gear shown was designed in Marlborough, New Zealand and perfected in conjunction with a team of managers and organic operators dedicated to making our Marlborough organic wines even better. Locally based vineyard technology perfected by those with heart and passion for organics.

Crop, Cultivate and Mulch. Spray free under vine weeding and mulching for a holistic organic approach to viticulture . Agmotion Ltd front mounted Langlois Under Vine weeder and cultivator being the only one of it's type available in Marlborough, New Zealand or globally. 

Marlborough Organic Viticulture - Langlois Undervine Weeder/ CultivatorAgmotion Ltd Crop, Cultivate and Mulch. Weed spray free organic viticulture. Langlois Undervine Weeder/ Cultivator

Agmotion Ltd Marlborough Organic Holistic approach ViticultureAgmotion Ltd Organic Crop, Cultivate and Mulch - Weed spray free viticulture. Holistic organic management in action among the vineyards of Marlborough. Under vine weeding then mulch over.
Langlois UnderVine Cultivator Weeder - Spray Free Weed Control in Marlborough Viticulture. This Langlois weeder/ cultivator being a front mount model.
Crop, Cultivate and Mulch - Organic Viticulture - Weed Spray free Under vine Weeding, Marlborough NZ. Agmotion Organic Vineyard Management.

Vortex Water Enhancement is working with organic viticulture experts in Marlborough to add implosion enhancement to irrigation supplies and anywhere water is introduced to the organic management or growth process. Bioenergetic resonance enhancement processes adding to vineyard health and the resulting superior organic product.

Introduction to the wine making and perfection of that process using vortex and implosion technology remains an added bonus. Who will be the pioneer of including natures basic principles to organic wines?