Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature

Viktor Schauberger was a student of nature, a keen observer of water and what the spirals and movements of water taught him. 

We are able to do this. We each hold a piece of the puzzle that completes the picture of nature that water holds for us. 

Schauberger studied fish, noticing that they held their position facing upstream in fast moving waters of lively mountain streams, with barely the shimmer of any moving fin. Salmon levitated up waterfalls from the centres of vortex structures they created by swimming vigorously in tight spirals. All as long as the water remained cool. 

Raining in droplets of small spherical vortexes, passing underground through rock and by being released from springs into cool, shaded and turbulent mountain streams energise water. 

A log flume built by Viktor for the Austrian Baron Justus von Liebig was said to float each log on a cup full of water, as long as cold water at the ideal temperature of 4 deg C kept being added to the flume. 

Lively, natural streams full of such cool, shaded water with vortex structure may not be found in inner city living yet there are always ways for each of us to have this energy. 

Taps can be shaped to recreate the double vortex twist that cleans water and gives it energy.  Vortex Water Revitalisers are classic modern examples of this in the home today. Biodynamic flowforms also oxygenate water in this way to reduce the absorption of toxins, increase the availability of nutrients and increase the growth and health of plants and animals fed by such vortex structured water. 

Observe and see what you find. Taste, feel and use intuition as did Viktor. 

As a youth I tramped, tasted, observed and bathed in the pure, wild waters of southern New Zealand. I know the smooth, cool taste of living water with the structure and body of a fine wine and the energy that comes from living, vortex structure, hexagonal, tetrahedral and icosahedral clusters. This gives an aliveness, information and cleanliness not found with straight pipes, tanks keeping water still, added chemicals and all the muck (plus gratitude) that people add to the memory of water.  

New Zealand farmers know that flowing down such a lively stream with spiraling, tumbling motion cleans out the effects of a dead sheep 50 metres upstream. 

Today our experience of water deepens and we give it back its vortex structure with spiral Energisers, Harmonisers that are also filled with water that itself has a healthy range of natural frequencies.   

The restoration of the life force in water can be seen in the "Masaru Emoto" water crystals of Natures Design products and the Kirilian photographs and crystalline images produced by Water Vortex Energisers. 

Water held within the golden PHI proportions of the Energisers and as found in Carafes, Water Eggs and VitBots has what I feel is an "harmonious taste" and life supporting energy. As we become more familiar with this taste difference ordinary tap water is becomes lifeless and even toxic.  

In this listen to taste, tongue and body heart, and intuition.  

Observe; as Viktor Schauberger did!

Love, David 

Viktor Schauberger was a visionary who spent much of his life watching water in it's natural environment, high in the Austrian Alps. 

He learnt how to harness waters power and to replicate nature's "Living Spring Water" out of tap water through the use of vortex motion and implosion. "Comprehend and Copy Nature" were the words Viktor lived by.

Viktor Schauberger was a man before his time. He designed and constructed log flumes that could carry logs heavier than water, from mountain tops in a way that was deemed impossible by his peers and defied physics. Sadly this brought about the destruction of much of the world's mountain forests. 

Viktor believed water was more than just H2O; it is a Living Entity and should be treated with respect. He designed pipes to transport water but maintaining vortex motion and in wood to allow water to breath and retain it's living qualities.

Much study was put into the "Dynamics of Flow", temperature gradients and the hydraulic action of high altitude mountain springs.

Viktor Schauberger quote :-

  • "In every case do the opposite to whatever technology does today. Then you will always be on the right track."          (Callum Coats: Energy Evolution (2000))

Callum Coats spent two decades translating Viktor Schauberger's journals; one result being his book "Living Energies" that has entralled me for years.



Callum Coats explains Viktor's theories in this You Tube video 






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