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Vitbot Ovoid / Egg shaped Bottles.

The idea of Vitbot bottles came about while observing nature; they are designed with an ovoid shape in Phi proportion (the golden ratio) so that their contents can move in a vortex inside.

«The egg is the only closed shape that
spontaneously generates vortex motion».
Viktor Schauberger

By observing nature, we realized that most fruits and seeds are oval-shaped. The ovoid shape is life’s bottle. Vitbot jars and bottles may come in different sizes and the necks and finishes may be completely distinct, but their egg shape is never lost.


In 2011, NASA’s Gravity Probe B (GP-B) confirmed that our planet is situated upon a vortex of space-time, thereby proving the theory formulated by Albert Einstein in 1916.

From atoms to galaxies, nature uses vortex motion to achieve greater energy efficiency: DNA, the blood pumped by the heart, the water in oceans and rivers, hurricanes, tornadoes, our galaxy the Milky Way, etc.


Vitbot Fruit of Life 1200mlVitbot Fruit of Life 1200ml

The golden ratio is a pattern of order used by nature. We can see this pattern in the growth of the branches of trees, the seeds of sunflowers, and the leaves of plants, just to name a few examples. Thanks to this pattern, branches, leaves, and seeds receive the same amount of sun exposure and rainwater, since they do not block each other out. The golden ratio is also present in the structure of DNA, the bones of the finger, the proportion between the bones of the arm, forearm and hand, and the inner ear and outer ear, just to name a few, although science has not yet discovered the exact efficiency of the proportion in the human body.


Vitbot Bottle Egg of Life 500mlVitbot Bottle Egg of Life 500ml

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Vitbot Sport & Travel Bottle Medical Grade Silicon 500mlVitbot Sport & Travel Bottle Medical Grade Silicon 500ml