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The uplifting, supportive, caring energy that every Harmoniser gives comes from very high frequency energy water and spiral geometry. The picture of the one that is best for you may attract your attention or feel more interesting to explore.

Each is made of copper tubing filled with water that has a very loving energy held within implosion structured water and the benefit of metal platings and the benefits of silver, 23ct gold, rose gold,  ruthenium (black platinum) and rhodium pictured below. Platinum is not shown.

The energy you receive increases in frequency  as you move from copper through to rhodium. Each person is drawn to different metals at different times. Loving energy invites us to increase our  frequencies to be in harmony with love. By this process we ourselves become more loving.  Our cells resonate more and more  with higher frequencies; love, joy and happiness, and there can be periods of healing in which one doesn't feel so good while this happens.

The initial feeling of love and support first felt is true. What is not feeling so good is what you are to release if you want to open to more love, and be more loving.  Old aches and pains come back if they are essential for you to grow into this greater loving state and then they are no longer present

Love yourself, trust your support and take it easy during these down-times.  The deeper sense of relationship, love and connection, which you grow into, will feel worth it.  Wear it less if that feels right and 24/7 once you are in  harmony.

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Different metals have different electrical and medical properties.  Copper is earthy and more grounded in physical reality. Silver gently explores feminine, loving, nurturing energies. Gold helps radiate service to others and can feel more nurturing with silver beneath or on top. Rhodium and Ruthenium take you into new levels of consciousness and confidence in loving.

All the metals used in the Harmonisers strengthen the immune system, stop the growth of microbes associated with disease, and bring in healthy vibrant energy. None of them take on disease or need cleaning of any energies.


Copper the choice in hospitals to prevent the growth of infectious microbes also absorbs through the skin in trace amounts to reduce symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

Copper starts bright and shiny and tarnishes slowly in the air and with skin contact. It's golden shine is restored with a copper/brass polish such as Brasso.

Being earthy, of this world and well grounded copper is ideal for those who feel great in nature, walking barefoot, gardening and accepting themselves as they are. It is also a foundation on which to build the benefits of other metals.


Silver was known to the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and early Egyptian alchemists as a female element whose energy was closely related to the Moon. Silver is the best conductor of energy, heat and electricity of all the metals. It is very able to go with the flow and is superconductive. Silver in colloid solution is the best bactericide and disinfectant known to medical science and is reported to create health in the presence of 650 varieties of germs, parasites, and bacteria. Refer to Dale Pond, "The Divine Triplet".

Silver explores the worlds of feelings and emotions, dreams and their meanings, which help us make our best choices, and to "go with the flow".

"I would not be without it now, it has a number of positive effects. I have used the silver Phi for about 2 months, and there was an overall shift for the better” H.G. NZ.

The silver-plated Phi Harmoniser (Illustrated above) is a popular gift with the golden Phi ratio in its small and large spirals and overall proportion. Phi is seen in the spirals of leaves around stems, berry fruits, seeds within cones and throughout the human body.

Phi Harmonisers support growth an healing of plants, animals and humans and strengthen the connections between the different parts of our bodies and nature.

Silver tarnishes slower than copper and can be restored with an impregnated jewellery polishing cloth or by dipping for a few seconds into a Silver Dip solution used for silver cutlery then wash in water. Chlorinated water tarnishes more so use another Harmoniser to clear that from your water first. Brasso or similar abrasive polishes  reduce the thickness of the plating. See below for more cleaning instructions.

Three Spiral Harmoniser Pendants silver, gold and ruthenium plated for EMF Protection, Strong Bio-Energy and Health

Triskelions with their three spirals and special abilities since Celtic times, to help heal and restructure water are illustrated here with silver, gold and rutheniun platings. It has been a popular design for thousands of years. The trinities of spirit-mind-body, God-Spirit-Man, Father-Mother-Child, Worlds-above-here-and-below and many others are embraced within three connected spirals.

Four spirals resonate with the balanced Celtic and Maltese Crosses and even more supportive energy in a larger pendant.

4 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants for protection, health and energy - silver and gold plated

Gold, Ruthenium (Black Platinum) and Rhodium Overview

These stay bright, shiny and very resistance to tarnishing however plating can wear off over a period of years or faster if worn 24/7. Around your neck, the plating should last for many years. Kept in your pocket with coins or keys the plating will rub off quite quickly, unless protected in a pouch.

Their increasing resistance to tarnishing is reflected in their ability to stand strong, honest, pure and in balance. Each assists us with the higher frequencies of thinking, intuition, love and joy

The call of Soul can be strong. Ruthenium and rhodium sweep us clear of old fears and bodily conditions; shifting our consciousness.


Gold radiates the frequencies of the sun and reflects all its colours. It is a gentle "mineral light" from the Hebrew word zohov, which meant the color of fire, or light.  Like the sun gold radiates its energy to the world. Its masculine energy reaches out, supports and creates and is great for business, art and science.

Its feminine energy carries the joy and pleasure of the heart that loves others and it's self.  Ever person who wears it is supported to achieve their highest potential, with the two in balance.

Gold resists penetration by certain types of  radiation and it amplifies, encourages, stimulates and energises a particular kind and unique range of vibrations, according to Dale Pond in "The Divine Triplet".  The power of the whole-house EMF Space Harmoniser is greatly amplified when it is plated in gold as well as silver.

The copper Vortex Energiser that so markedly changes and purifies water when placed alongside a mains pipe has much stronger healing effects when plated with silver and gold.

In a room, clinic or office they are both able to promote all kinds of healing.

Illustrated above is Iona in 23ct gold over silver. Four spirals balance the elements as a cross and diamond with Fire in the North, Air in the East, Water in the South and Earth in the West. They all become balanced in us when we wear Iona.

I like to see Iona as twin triangles meeting back to back, one pointing to heavens and one to earth.  Whichever way you turn her, the upper spirals moves one way and the lower spiral moves the other way. This balances masculine and feminine qualities within each of us.

Each of the two spirals in the middle turn from outside to inside and back out again helping us balance our own outer activity and inner reflection; the balance between our rest and our re-creation.

Caring, nurturing, support of ourselves at home and with family harmonises with leadership, achievement and care of a greater community.

Rose Gold

All metals vary in colour and vibrational energy according to where on earth they have been in and where they are mined. Some feel quite vigorously masculine and  supportive of almost a competitive nature to succeed with great business ideas.

Yellow in gold can also be a drive to be very creative; maybe more creatively involved in arts, crafts and inventing than you want to be.

In this case Rose Gold with its hint of pink and orange tones can be softer, gentler, more relaxed and nurturing.  Pictured is our Rose Gold Triskelion Harmoniser Pendant.


Ruthenium is a light gray compared with silver or platinum and slow to tarnish. It helps ear, eye and stomach problems and helps us be less judgmental of ourselves and others. It is considered essential to skin, hair, blood, brain, nails and body organs, restoring health and increasing life span, improving body-brain co-ordination, detoxifying cells and increasing memory.

It has a strong energy that supports a loving expression of masculine qualities and increased awareness of responsibilities.


Rhodium has a balancing and harmonizing effect on all the higher aspects of mind and spirit. It improves mental clarity, attitude and intent. It has been used to treat deteriorating cell tissue and eliminate tumors. It is an important brain mineral and is likely to be involved in cognitive ability, intelligence, emotional development, memory, melatonin, regulation of sleep, immune enhancement and hormonal balance, It also helps us make Human Growth Hormone; regenerates tissue and restores DNA, thymus and adrenals, helping us to live long and happy, lives.

Rhodium supports the feminine qualities a little more and balances them with the masculine within males and females helping us to work together for a common purpose looking after this planet and each other. It is a strong supporter of increased consciousness.

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