Harmonisers Clear the Air and Uplift the Spirit

Create harmony and establish a loving Qi (energy) field in which we feel relaxed and supported and are unaffected by WiFi, cell-phones, EMF, geopathic stress and other unhealthy influences at home or in the office. 

Harmoniser Pendants:

The Benefits of Your Personal Harmoniser Pendant with 3 or 4 spirals

Ancient geometric spirals filled with water with a very high loving frequency energy create a healing field of energy that energises, soothes, protects and feels supportive.  Metal plating adds the support of silver, gold, rose gold, ruthenium and rhodium. Choose your best shape and metal here.

Health and Healing Benefits of Different Spirals and Metals in Harmoniser Pendants

EMF and Space Harmonisers for Cafe, Home, Office, School and Shop

Clear the air and free it of pollution

EMF including smart meters, WiFi, EMF and geopathic (Earth) energies interfere with cell communication and can damage our health. Removing this effect puts us in a better mood, helps us feel more relaxed, greatly increases our energy levels and helps us sleep.

This leads to more enjoyment of health, recreation and relationships at home creativity, productivity and teamwork in the workplace and in sport.

Harmonie and energise food nearby or on top.

Purify water and harmonise drinks with a stir

Purify all household water

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This page is cared for by David Baillie, ND, BSc whose research interests include the generally unaccepted sciences of implosion, vortex, E-Z water and sacred geometry. All statements made are his personal opinion, based on observation and research experience.

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