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Vortex Water Energiser

The Centre for Implosion Research in the UK have developed the Vortex Water Energiser  based around vortex and implosion technology. These have been well trialled in our homes and are in use at plant nurseries and organic dairy farms around us in New Zealand.

Vortex Water Egg Jugs are especially enjoyed by our clients. Not only do the Water Egg and Water Egg Jug benefit from the vortex movement induced by the egg shape but it also has it's own vortex powered Phi Personal Harmoniser built in to energise the water even further. 

The Vortex Water Energiser requires no plumbing when attached to your mains water and you can move it along with it's imploded vortex water around your property. Energise by vortex the water in your cars cooling system, the water and product in your refrigerator, even to help clear scale deposit in your closed whole house (or business) radiator system thanks to vortex water.

The Original Vortex Water Energiser ™ 

The Vortex Energiser (20cm height, 18cm greatest width) is a spiralling copper device. It contains water which has been prepared in our implosion machine. Implosion is one of the fundamental processes behind nature. The Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology saw implosion as the life generating principle and explosion as the life degenerating principle (Coats, 1996).

The Vortex Energiser is used to improve the energetic quality of water. Direct contact with water is not necessary as the energy is transferred by way of vibration. This process is similar to one tuning fork picking up the vibration of another tuning fork, even if the first one has not been struck. This is also called resonance. No electrical power supply is required.

So what are the effects on tap water when a Vortex Energiser is fitted to it?

The obvious physical changes to tap water as reported by most of our customers since 1998 are:

The clarity of the water improves, some people can actually see a purply blue hue around the water, which is part of the emanations coming from the water. 

Water regains a remarkable natural quality and taste. It becomes more palatable and less hard. The taste and smell of chlorine is much reduced or even eliminated. 

Lime scale deposits become soft and are eventually removed. 

Bathing in energised water is a reviving experience leaving skin supple and soft. fresh food and cut flowers last longer.     

Water virtually doesn't become stagnant and foul smelling.


CIR Water Egg 

We have learnt from Viktor Schauberger’s writings that it is very important to store liquids in opaque egg shaped containers. Because there are no corners and crevices there is no stagnation and disease causing bacteria are much less likely to breed. Constant convection and spiralling movement keep liquids fresh, cool and healthy. The stored liquid should not be exposed to sunlight. The Ancients knew of this and used amphorae and egg-shaped urns as storage vessels made from natural materials. In today‘s industrial world, practicality dictates the mass production and use of cylindrical and rectangular plastic containers. 

The Water Egg™ (28 cm length x 19 cm greatest diameter) is beautifully handcrafted from ceramic clay, glazed on the inside, and comes complete with tap, stand and lid. It will store nearly one gallon (4.3 l) of liquid. A Harmoniser is set in beeswax within the lid and ensures that whatever you store in it becomes energised. Use the Water Egg for storing water, wine, juice, milk, oil or whatever you can think of.




CIR Water Egg Jug

Because of its shape the Water Egg Jug provides natural convection and spiralling movement to what it holds. A Personal Harmoniser is part of the jug to energise the contents. The jug is glazed inside and outside and is available in two sizes: small (half litre) and large (1 litre).

What is really exciting about the jug is its clever design. There is no lid and the jug is turned upside down to fill it. The stand is an integral part of the egg and doubles up as the filler, yet when you stand the egg up the water remains inside.





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